When your child heads off to college, there’s a lot to think about. Making sure they can handle health issues on their own might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it shouldn’t be the last.

You can help your college-bound son or daughter take care of a few important things before they leave. First, have them install their insurance app (if applicable) on their phone and sign up for their own online account if they haven’t already. That way they’ll always have their member ID on them and can quickly find an in-network provider.

Understand the options for covered care at school

  • If your college student is covered by your plan, they may be able to get in-network coverage if the local provider they see is part of an extended network. Make sure they have their insurance card ID card and are familiar with the copays on the front of the card and phone numbers on the back.
  • Your college student can buy individual coverage from the local or federal healthcare exchange, depending on where they attend school. In that case, they’ll be responsible for paying premiums and cost shares, and finding local in-network doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals.