There is no greater testament to our clinic’s practice and our therapist’s capabilities than to hear feedback directly from our clients.  Here is what our clients are saying:

“Members of our family have seen 3 different therapists from Emmaus over the last couple years and we can confidently say that each uniquely has made such a positive impact on building our communication and conflict resolution skills, coping with long-held anxieties and stresses, and most importantly, helping us find mindfulness, peace and happiness again in our household. Without going into too much detail, their style/approach and areas of expertise have been a great fit for each situation/individual in our family, so we feel incredibly lucky to have our mental health needs addressed through one counseling center. The availability of evening and weekend sessions also has been so instrumental for us to continue our work with them.”

“I have been seeing a therapist at Emmaus for a year now, both my children see a play therapist, and my husband sees a psychologist through Emmaus. Our experiences have been nothing but wonderful. They have offices in multiple locations so it’s easy to get into. The therapists and doctors depth of knowledge, expertise, and compassion make all the difference when seeking therapy. This has been the best therapy experience of my life, I am able to open up and truly make progress working through my traumas and ingrained behaviors. I cannot recommend Emmaus counseling enough, the therapists are wonderful and the office staff are just as wonderful and willing to work with me however I need. I love the fact that each therapist has a specialty, such as CBT, EMDR, or IFS. It means you can try many different styles of therapy until you find what works for you.”

“The therapists at Emmaus are incredibly skilled. The staff is excellent. It took a lot for me to pick up the phone and call, but I am glad that I did. I was matched up with an amazing therapist who has helped me work through a lot. If you are thinking about therapy I highly suggest you call Emmaus.”

“Emmaus Counseling Center is an outstanding organization in mental health and wellness.  I was looking for someone to help me through a particularly overwhelming time in my life and received exceptionally good care and treatment from everyone at Emmaus.  The office staff and insurance specialists were all very gracious in helping me answer questions and in navigating coverage as well as identifying a good therapist to work with.

I was paired with an amazing therapist, Phyllis Bookbinder.  She was exceptionally open and caring in getting to know me and in helping me organize my thoughts and concerns.  She really took the time and careful steps needed to fully understand what I needed before proceeding with any specific treatment.  I really appreciated the thoughtful and methodical approach Phyllis took with me in determining where to focus first and how to prioritize the issues I needed help with and then laying out the plan forward.  She was also very accommodating with me when I needed help with a near-term issue or decision.  I highly recommend Phyllis for anyone who needs an understanding and caring therapist to help them both sort through troubles they may be going through and deal with each of them with the sensitivity that the particular issue deserves.

The staff at Emmaus treated me with respect and consideration whenever I talked with them.  They were extremely communicative whenever a scheduling issue came up.  Phyllis and the staff were very responsive to my emails and voice messages when I needed to change up appointment times and worked hard to find another good time slot to accommodate me.

I am incredibly grateful to Emmaus Counseling, and especially to Phyllis Bookbinder for demonstrating thoughtful, sensitive care that helped me through a lot in this difficult time in my life.  I would happily recommend Emmaus to anyone seeking a great set of folks to work with to better their lives through exceptional mental health care.”

“I really appreciated how quickly Emmaus Counseling Center got me started with a therapist once I called for an appt. They worked well with my insurance company. I appreciated the array of therapists to choose from, as well as several locations. I have only worked with one therapist at Emmaus, She has been extremely helpful – empathetic, and non-judgemental.”

“I’d like to share with you how grateful I am to have been meeting with Anne Livie over the years. Her warm smile, compassionate philosophy and courageous attitude has helped me heal and become the person I am today. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been able to overcome my issues from adolescence without her. With Anne’s help, I have forged a new life, in which I have learned to accept my past and use it for my good.”

“Working with Tim McKee to overcome the daily stressors and anxiety issues that are apart of the highly competitive business world has been instrumental to my career.  His business background and understanding of the fundamentals of running a business have helped me get back on track and gain the confidence to move forward.  I would recommend Tim to any executive or business professional struggling either professionally or personally!”

“I am incredibly encouraged after my Intake appointment with Harvey.  After five years of chaos therapy in another outpatient therapy system, I feel I am in a good place for addressing the dreadful OCD issues I have been struggling with for years.  Thank for for giving me hope Harvey.”

“I had felt blocked for years and even though I had seen 6 different therapists within a 10 year time period – I just could not get moving forward.  I meet with Phyllis and after a few sessions I had made more progress than I had in the past and I am on the road to recovery!  Thank you Phyllis!”

“Thank you Emmaus for having EMDR trained therapists. I love working with my therapist and look forward to our sessions. I’m very receptive to the technique and personally, I like to experience the simultaneous sadness and happiness I feel when a “switch” takes place.”

We value your opinion and would like to share your experience at Emmaus with others.  Please send us your “testimonials” to and we will add it to our page!