“Our therapists like our clients come from varied backgrounds and faiths but all share the value of ‘walking with their clients‘ on whichever path their journey takes them. Many of our clinicians work at more than one location so that we may provide an array of therapeutic approaches and services to best match the needs of our clients and range of ages.”

– Dr. Richard Wemhoff, Ph.D., Clinic Owner

Not all providers have current availability, to find out please call our Scheduling Coordinators at 425.869.2644, ext. 0.

All mental health professionals at Emmaus Counseling Center are independent providers with unique Washington state business licenses. All counseling, coaching, and assessment services rendered are representative of each provider’s license, independent business, and practice style.

Robin Allen, MA, LMHCNicole Barrett, MSW, LICSWRosie Benzonelli, MSW, LICSWPhyllis Bookbinder, MA,. LMHC
Monica Cagayat, MA, LMFTKimberly Cervantes, MA, LMFTShelley Cordes, MA, LMHCKim Danner, MA, LMFT, CYMHS
Steve Dill, MA, LMHC, CSATJosh Ensley, MA, LMHCHiromi Gerety, MA, LMHCRose Gillis, MA, LMHC
Kristie Harris, MA, LMHCLori Homes, MS, LMHCRachel Houtman, MEd, LMHC, SUDPKathy Hulet, MA, RN, LMHC
Tracy Johnson, MA, LMHC, CMHSMartin Knutson, MA, LMHCHarvey LeSure, MSW, LICSWKevin Lind, MA, LMHC
Anne Livie, MS, LMHCBob McGuire, MA, LMHCTim McKee, MBA, MA, LMHCJeannie Manning, MA, LMHC, SUDP
Lacey Meaux, MA, LMFTCameron Murdock, MSW, LICSWFran Regdos, MSW, LICSWBea Roskopf, MSW, LICSW
Dan Tomczyk, Ph.D.Rich Wemhoff, Ph.D.David Wiesner, Ph.D.