Taking the first step into seeking therapy and identifying a therapist that not only has the experience you are seeking but also feels like a good match can feel intimidating. You may feel anxious about making that initial call to ask for help. Please know those feelings are completely normal, and our compassionate and knowledgeable Scheduling Coordinators Ekta and Ethan are dedicated to make the process as comfortable as possible for you.

After gaining an understanding of what you are seeking with your therapy sessions, they will provide you with recommendations on available providers that fit your preferences, have experience working with issues you are seeking to resolve, and are in network preferred providers with your insurance plan should you wish to use it.

If you’d like to use your insurance benefits, please have your insurance card on hand when you call as it will help with scheduling you with an in-network preferred provider.  Coverage and insurance networks can change frequently. We encourage you to verify your plan benefits regarding outpatient mental health with your health insurance company prior to scheduling your appointment.  View Our Accepted Insurance plans.

We have prepared a QUICK CHECK LIST for you to use when calling your insurance company and recommend you review our Frequently Asked Insurance Questions as well as our insurance definitions.

After your initial scheduling call, Ethan and Ekta will provide you with the necessary paperwork and detailed instructions you will need for your session. If at anytime you have any questions, from scheduling to navigating your billing inquiries, our dedicated care team members are here to provide you with support and take care of you outside of your therapy sessions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of what to expect:

First Session: During your first session, you and the therapist will get to know each other. They will want to hear your story, including why you are seeking therapy and what goals you’d like to achieve. At the end of this session, you and the therapist will have a good idea of whether it is a good match and if you will work well together. It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident in your working relationship. If for any reason you feel it is not a good match, you are more than welcome to contact our scheduling office to request a transfer. Sessions typically last around 50 minutes, followed by a few minutes to wrap up, process payments and set follow-up appointments.

Continued Therapy: Once you begin working together, most therapists ask that you commit to at least eight sessions. Sessions are typically scheduled once per week. Because therapy will be individualized based on your needs, your therapist will be able to gauge the total length of therapy needed to meet your goals after a few sessions.