We specialize in and offer a range of counseling and psychological assessment services to fit your needs. Emmaus’ therapists are among the most respected in the area and have been selected because of their expertise in a variety of presenting issues and vast experience of therapeutic approaches.  And because each of our clients are unique, our therapists offer an exciting and varied approach for each of their clients struggling the issues preventing them from living their best life.  Our therapists like our clients come from varied backgrounds and faiths but all share the value of “walking with their clients” on whichever path their journey takes them.

Counseling Services




Child (Ages 2-12)

Adolescents (Ages 13-18)



 Christian Focused

Assessments & Specialized Courses

Youth ADD & ADHD Assessments (Ages 8-17)

Adult ADD & ADHD Assessments

Marriage Preparation Course

Pre-Adoption Evaluations