We specialize in and offer a range of counseling and psychological assessment services to fit your needs.  Emmaus’ therapists are among the most respected in the area and have been selected because of their expertise in a variety of presenting issues and vast experience of therapeutic approaches. And because each of our clients are unique, our therapists offer an exciting and varied approach for each of their clients struggling with issues preventing them from living their best life.

We believe in working with our clients holistically, meaning we emphasize the importance of the whole and complete person both physically and psychologically. We have found that our client’s healing is most successful when we work in concert with their other health care practitioners in assisting them in forming a well balanced life.  As such, we have established and maintain collaborative relationships with more than 700+ local Primary Care Physicians and health care providers working to provide you with the best possible care.

We offer a wide variety of services including the following:


ADD/ADHD Assessments and Evaluations

Adoption Evaluations

Specialized Courses

We do not provide the following services:

  • ESA (Emotional Support Animal)
  • Personal Injury Claims or PIPs
  • Labor and Industries
  • Legal or Court-Ordered

*All mental health professionals at Emmaus Counseling Center are independent providers with unique Washington state business licenses. All counseling, coaching, and assessment services rendered are representative of each provider’s license, independent business, and practice style.