“Now it is even easier to meet with your therapist. We offer our clients the option to seek therapy and stay connected to their therapist from the comfort of their home, privacy of their office, and while away on business or vacation.”

What is Virtual Therapy?

Virtual sessions work the same way face-to-face therapy sessions but are conducted via our HIPAA compliant platform using an integrated ZOOM program.

What do I need to participate?

Clients should feel comfortable with technology, they’ll need access to an internet connection with good bandwidth. If they can reliably watch movies on their phone or computer from a streaming service, they most likely have what they need to connect with us.

Clients interested in virtual therapy should contact our schedulers as they will guide you through both the registration process. View our detailed instructions on how to attend your virtual session.

Will my insurance cover it?

During the pandemic, most insurance companies waived restrictions and allowed virtual therapy across the board but insurance policies are ever changing and some are making adjustments back to prepandemic coverage, therefore we highly recommend that you check directly with your specific insurance plan to be sure you’re covered for virtual behavioral health therapy.

We are accepting new clients, please call our Scheduling Coordinators at 425.869.2644, ext. 0 to get started today.