“Welcome to virtual therapy at Emmaus. We are pleased to offer virtual sessions where our clients can connect with their therapist remotely from the privacy of their home. It is as simple as using your smart phone, PC or tablet to connect to our HIPAA compliant program.”


To get started with your virtual sessions, please contact our Care Coordinators at 425.869.2644, ext. 0 who are happy to walk you through the process and will provide you with the details specific to starting your care at Emmaus.


  • What Type of Equipment do I need? Clients will need to have both audio, video capabilities either on their tables, PC, or smart phone and find a quiet and private space to talk.
  • Can I use my Insurance for my Virtual Sessions? Emmaus’ therapists are preferred in network providers with most commercial insurance plans. Most plans treat virtual therapy and in-person mental health services similarly, and the coverage will be the exact same. Some insurance plans require pre-authorizations or other requirements. As the policies regarding coverage are rapidly changing, please call  the number on the back of your card to determine what your specific plan covers.
    • Questions to Ask Your Insurance Carrier: Does my plan cover virtual sessions specifically for outpatient mental health and is my provider an in-network provider for those services? Do I have out of network benefits that would cover my session?  If so, what is my responsibility? If my plan is carved out to a third party carrier, will it also cover my virtual visit sessions? Is there a deductible to meet or co-payment amount? Is a pre-authorization required?
  • How Do I Pay for the Session? During scheduling for your initial appointment, we’ll collect credit card information from you to be stored in our secure software. Your card will be charged for your copay or coinsurance amount after each virtual session.

We look forward to meeting you on-line.