Prior Portal Registration is required for Virtual Session access.


Please note, the “LAUNCH” prompt becomes active 15 minutes prior to the scheduled session time by default, however, your therapist will be joining the session at your scheduled appointment time.


  1. Log into your CLIENT PORTAL and click on “DASHBOARD” (where it provides details related to the Telehealth session).
  2. Click the “LAUNCH” button to begin the session.
    If you join before the provider, it will take you to a “WAITING ROOM” showing a spinning progress circle.
  3. When your therapist joins the session, your page should refresh and then click “JOIN SESSION“.
    From there, the Zoom website used to launch the meeting should popup in a new tab, and the Zoom application will take over from there, allowing you to join the meeting.

Having problems with joining the session?

If you run into an issue joining the session, you should now be able to automatically “REFRESH” the Zoom meeting.

Close out of the Zoom application as well as the Zoom meeting tab and navigate back to the TherapyAppointment tab. You should now see this automatic message on the screen. Clicking “TRY AGAIN” will discard the existing Zoom meeting assigned to your appointment, and recreate it with a fresh, new meeting which should eliminate any issues.

Mobile-Users Only) Having issues with Video or Audio? Manage Microphone and Camera Access for Zoom (Provider and Client)

For iOS users, navigate to Settings > Scroll to the very bottom and click on ” Zoom” and ensure the settings are enabled for microphone and camera to ensure audio and video access for the Zoom client.


For most clients, you do not need to download the Zoom software – however, if you are experiencing an issue connecting or using a mobile device, we recommend updating your Zoom app. This is the only time you would need to have the app installed and can be downloaded following the instructions listed below.

Zoom App Download for Laptop:

  1. First, launch the internet browser and visit the Zoom’s website
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and in the web page’s footer click on Download.
  3. On the Zoom Download Centre, tap under the “Zoom Client for Meetings” section and click right on Download.
  4. The Zoom App will be downloaded on your laptop.
    If you are receiving an error message, please send a message directly to your therapist. Note, to protect client confidentiality, Therapy Appointment cannot provide support directly to clients.

If you are receiving an error message, please message your therapist or during business hours call the office at 425.869.2644, ext. 0.  To protect client confidentiality, Therapy Appointment cannot provide support directly to clients.