“Our secure client portal is accessible 24/7 and offers a secure and convenient way to manage your care when it is convenient for you!”


You may sign into your client portal at anytime using a direct login via your therapist or search for a therapist on the main access page of Therapy Appointment. Per HIPAA, your portal login and password information should remain confidential and not shared with anyone.

Sage Albright, MS, LMFTRobin Allen, MA, LMHC Nicole Barrett, MSW, LICSWPhyllis Bookbinder, MA,. LMHC
425.869.2644, ext. 35425.869.2644, ext. 43425.869.2644, ext. 33425.869.2644, ext. 48

Monica Cagayat, MA, LMFTKimberly Cervantes, MA, LMFTShelley Cordes, MA, LMHCKim Danner, MA, LMFT
425.869.2644, ext. 41425.869.2644, ext. 46425.869.2644, ext. 40425.869.2644, ext. 32

Steve Dill, MA, LMHC, CSATJosh Ensley, MA, LMHCHiromi Gerety, MA, LMHCRose Gillis, MA, LMHC
425.869.2644, ext. 22425.869.2644, ext. 16425.869.2644, ext. 19425.869.2644, ext. 21

Kristie Harris, MA, LMHCLori Homes, MS, LMHCRachel Houtman, MEd, LMHC, SUDPKathy Hulet, MA, RN, LMHC
425.869.2644, ext. 15425.869.2644, ext. 42425.869.2644, ext. 47425.869.2644, ext. 53

Tracy Johnson, MA, LMHCMartin Knutson, MA, LMHCHarvey LeSure, MSW, LICSWKevin Lind, MA, LMHC
425.869.2644, ext. 11425.869.2644, ext. 54425.869.2644, ext. 13425.869.2644, ext. 45

Anne Livie, MS, LMHCBob McGuire, MA, LMHCTim McKee, MBA, MA, LMHCJeannie Manning, MA, LMHC
425.869.2644, ext. 51425.869.2644, ext. 44425.869.2644, ext. 50425.869.2644, ext. 23

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Lacey Meaux, MA, LMFTFran Regdos, MSW, LICSWBea Roskopf, MSW, LICSWDan Tomczyk, Ph.D.
425.869.2644, ext. 24425.869.2644, ext. 20425.869.2644, ext. 49425.869.2644, ext. 56

Rich Wemhoff, Ph.D.David Wiesner, Ph.D.
425.869.2644, ext. 30425.869.2644, ext. 52