“Marriage preparation counseling is a means whereby you can begin to prepare for those challenges and for the rewards of your married life.“

About the Program

Preparation for marriage involves countless “things” for you to do: planning the ceremony, arranging for the reception, sending out invitations etc. But you know that the most important preparation is that of your hearts. As persons planning to marry, you know that married life is filled with rewards and pleasant surprises. But you also know that marriage may also, at times, be a challenge.

“Although the intent of this program is not to provide therapy and problem solving for you as a couple, instead, the program will help you to look at yourself as an individual in terms of how you communicate and relate to others, especially your future spouse. It will enable you to explore your family of origin and the affect it may have on your marital relationship. And, most importantly, this program will be a safe place for you and your partner to explore the mystery of yourselves and how you can avoid pitfalls which might threaten the stability of the marriage you are so looking forward to.”

-Dr. Richard Wemhoff, Ph.D.

Program Design

The program consists of three one-hour sessions between a counselor and you as a couple. In these sessions, special attention is given to personal growth and to commitment in marriage.

  • SESSION ONE: In this session, you will explore your relationship history, looking for patterns of interaction and expectations. In this session, you will also be given a personality profile to complete.
  • SESSION TWO: In the second session, you will explore your family of origin. By examining your “family trees” you will understand how your family has contributed in creating who you are today. And, through this process, you will gain insight into the directions you may choose for your future, given the experiences, examples and patterns of your past.
  • SESSION THREE: The final session is spent on interpreting and discussing the results of your personality profile. Time is provided for you to ask further questions, and for the counselor to share observations of you, as a couple, based on the three sessions.