Adopting a child is one of the most wonderful gifts for both the child and adoptive parents. We understand the stress that comes with navigating the complex process, agency paperwork and not to mention preparing to bring your child home. Our goal is to help you complete the psychological evaluation process in a timely manner and with as little stress as possible. In addition, we offer highly competitive rates and evening sessions ideal for those busy expecting parents!”

The Evaluation Process

As adoption agencies vary in their mental health screening requirements for adoptive parents, our evaluations are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.  Following the interview and testing, Dr. Wemhoff will compile the results and provide a comprehensive report directly to your adoption agency.  We offer an optional feedback session once the report has been completed to discuss the findings.

Transitioning to Adoptive and/or Foster Parents

This is a critical time for both the child and new parents.  Because of their histories, children from hard places have changes in their bodies, brains, behaviors, and belief systems. While a variety of parenting strategies may be successful in typical circumstances, children from hard places need care giving that meets their unique needs and addresses the whole child.  At Emmaus, we have therapists trained in adoption/foster parenting skills and blended families here to assist you in your journey.

Meet Your Psychologist, Dr. Richard Wemhoff, Ph.D.

Dr. Wemhoff is licensed by the State of Washington as a clinical psychologist. He has a Doctoral degree in Counseling; Postdoctoral internship in Marriage and Family; Former Director of the M.A. Psychology program at Antioch University; and Former adjunct member of the faculties of the University of Idaho, Seattle University, and Chapman College.

He is the co-founder and Clinical Director of Emmaus Counseling Center and has been a clinical psychologist in private practice for more than 35 years.

Dr. Wemhoff has a wide range of experience working with adoptive families as a clinical psychologist and has conducted several comprehensive international and domestic adoption assessments.  He has never had an adoptive parent psychological evaluation rejected from any court for any reason.