We Are Accepting New Clients!

awardNearly all of us, from time to time, experience what might be called “psychological unsteadiness”.    You may feel depressed, angry, or stressed and you may not be sure why you feel this way.

More important, you may need help with finding solutions. At Emmaus, we’re here to assist you, provide support, and help you discover ways to heal and resolve whatever issues are present in your life.

Our philosophy is one of paying close attention to a humanistic and systemic approach in treating each individual.  Because each of our clients are unique, our therapists offer an exciting and varied approach for each of their clients.

Emmaus’ therapists like our clients come from varied backgrounds and faiths but all share the value of “walking with their clients” on whichever path their journey takes them.

We understand that entering into psychotherapy can be a scary step in one’s life. With that in mind, we have tried to make that step as comfortable as possible and our Intake Specialists are here to assist you every step!